Sentinels Issues

#1 – The Horns of Hades – San Francisco city manager Jeremy Braddock encourages Psilight to form a team in the Bay Area, and the city donates a closed down fire station in the Tenderloin neighborhood for use as a base.  He calls in Chronovator and Contagion, and new superhero Rejuvenator offers his services as well.  Psilight’s contact Miles Jefferies texts him, alerting him that the Horns of Hades biker gang, at the Lucky 13 bar, are the ones responsible for the disappearance of prosecutor Conner Mattheson.  Psilight races to the biker bar by foot while the other three fly in Chronovator’s ship, the L’Engle.  Psilight finds out little by questioning patrons, so Rejuvenator starts a bar fight by blasting a man.  The ten men and women of the Horns of Hades attack the heroes with knives and chains, but the adventurers make quick work of them all.  Suddenly Rejuvenator becomes accusatory and shoots Psilight, so Contagion swiftly renders him unconscious.  Chronovator and Psilight take the gang’s leader, Anglo, out behind the building, and Chronovator creates a portal, threatening to strand him in prehistoric times.  The biker immediately spills, revealing that his group didn’t take the man, but that they were asked to do so by the supervillain Mammoth, who is holed up at a home in Pacific Heights.  Psilight confronts Rejuvenator, who explains that he inadvertently switches between two personalities.  The teammates pledge to try to work past their differences.

#2 – Mammoth Problems – After a short rest, the quartet fly in the L’Engle to the multi-story home in the north part of the city.  They make their way inside, where they are assaulted by Chris Temba, a man amped up on the drug “body”.  Meanwhile, Contagion races upstairs and finds Mammoth and his right-hand man “Heater” Jenkins with captive prosecutor Mattheson; he quickly downs both criminals.  The others take down Temba and move to the upper floor, where Jenkins awakes.  Contagion misses with a neurotoxin attack, and it strikes Rejuvenator, knocking him out.  Mammoth and Jenkins each come to numerous times, only to be repeatedly dropped again by the heroes.  Psilight gets Mattheson to safety outside.  When Rejuvenator wakes up, he is confused and belligerent, and doesn’t recognize his companions.  Chronovator attacks him, and in response, believing that he is on the opposing side of the conflict, Rejuvenator wakes up Mammoth.  The villain is taken out again, and Rejuvenator leaps out the upper window and hides nearby.  Chronovator contacts F.I.S.H., and when their agents and police arrive there is much confusion, as Rejuvenator describes his teammates as supervillains.  The group debriefs at a local F.I.S.H. office, and the agency suspends Rejuvenator’s license; he also agrees to undergo further testing.

#3 – Welcoming Party – Hundreds gather at Union Square as the Sentinels hold a press conference to explain their intent to protect San Francisco.  Rejuvenator is called away right before the monstrous Gargan makes his way through the crowd toward the stage.  A young man intercepts the brute, then transforms into the new superhero Raijin.  Battle is soon joined, with Psilight and Raijin slugging it out with powerful villains Gargan and Talus Baum.  After a massive battle, Talus Baum reveals that their attack was a message from someone unknown, and that the city is contested territory.  They exit the area with Raijin unconscious and Psilight barely able to stand.

#4 – The Hero Within – Chronovator, Rejuvenator, Raijin, and Psilight respond via the L’Engle to a break-in at a Medynamics warehouse south of San Francisco.  They attempt to apprehend intruder Omega Girl, but the powerful paranormal escapes with some stolen items.  The team follows her trail north in the L’Engle into the Dogpatch neighborhood, where they spot black-clad operatives guarding a building.  They subdue a number of Tic-Tac-Toe agents, then blast their way into the abandoned warehouse the men were protecting.  Inside they interrupt a meeting between Omega Girl and Mindlynx, flanked by two more agents.  Battle is joined, and the vigilantes take down everyone inside.  Later, they hear that Omega Girl claims to be a former police officer forced to work for the research group that gave her superpowers.

#5 – Like a Thief in the Night – After the sabotage of numerous industrial facilities on the West Coast by radical environmentalists from the E.P.F. (Environmental Protection Front), authorities receive a tip from a reliable informant on where they will strike next. With paranormals apparently involved, they ask the Sentinels to be ready for them. Raijin, Psilight, and a visiting Wraith ambush and take down Geist, Riot, and a half-dozen masked E.P.F. members as they assault an S.A.C.C. (Sino-American Chemical Corporation) shipping terminal south of San Francisco. Afterwards Lazarus Stone, the president and CEO of S.A.C.C.’s parent company, Titan Industries, makes the most of a live press conference with lots of media attention, where he rewards the three heroes with a large check to the charity of their choice.

#6 – Rising Sun – Days later, while the three heroes are joined for lunch at the Pinecrest Diner by Contagion and Rejuvenator, they oversee breaking news about a major strike by supervillains on an S.A.C.C. processing plant just outside the city. The five race to a scene straight out of a war zone. News and police helicopters hover overhead while emergency personnel attempt to contain the situation and rescue trapped and injured plant workers. Smoke fills the air, several chemical storage tanks burn uncontrollably, and chemicals leak and spill everywhere. Psilight and Wraith race into the chaos and rescue civilians, while Raijin, Rejuvenator, and Contagion engage Divine Right in the gravel parking lot north of the carnage. Raijin duels Tetsuronin while the others battle Boufuu, Inabikari, Oni, and Yamakuzure. Wraith and Psilight join their companions, and together the vigilantes begin to get the upper hand. When their teammates go down, Oni leaps away, and eventually Tetsuronin flees as well. The adventurers aid police, fire, and emergency crews as they help the many casualties and extinguish the fires.

#7 – Battle at Sea – A U.S. Navy submarine and experimental military satellite provide the location of the Rising Sun’s submersible transport, the Sea Dragon, as it heads east. F.I.S.H. flies Contagion, Psilight, and Raijin out over the Pacific Ocean, after the Sea Dragon was brought aboard the high-speed catamaran, the Daisuke. The trio parachutes down, but Raijin and Psilight land in the water and are forced to scramble aboard near the anchor of the large boat. They search the lower levels of the vessel and take out one crewmember. Contagion makes his way into the secure bridge near the top, disabling the captain and first mate, then changing the ship’s course to slowly return to the States. Unable to find the supervillains, the three make their way to the open upper deck and call out the enemy; Tetsuronin and Oni arrive soon after. The heroes drop Oni instantly, but Tetsuronin proves difficult to defeat, parrying away most of their attacks. An exhausted Contagion is hit and sent flying overboard, soon tragically lost to the ocean depths. Soon after Raijin is also knocked into the sea, so Psilight disengages and disables the boat’s engines. By the time he rescues Raijin, Tetsuronin has escaped again via the Sea Dragon.


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