Justice Force

#1 – Crusher Crimewave – In Indianapolis, Indiana, a loose confederation of villains known as the Crushers ambushes and captures each of the Crusaders, their most hated enemies.  They imprison the heroes within their own headquarters, Crusader Citadel, and work to reprogram TEACHER, their near-sentient computer.  Calling themselves the Enforcers, the superheroes Tempest, Panther, Shroud, and Flaming Star are sent by C.H.E.S.S. to stop the criminals’ unopposed assault upon the city.  After coordinating with Detective Victor Broyko and the police, they ambush the Crushers at a Manning Enterprises facility, ending their string of thefts of sophisticated computer parts.  F.I.S.T. and Mercury Mercenary escape, but Temper, Bull, and Vulture are apprehended.

#2 – Crisis at Crusader Citadel – Dr. Ernst Patrovich arrives and warns that the villains appear to be circumventing his creation, TEACHER.  The heroes invade Crusader Citadel downtown and trash the remaining Crushers.  Mace, Stormlord, Hornet, and Shocker are captured, and only Stormlord gets away.  The Enforcers rescue the incapacitated Crusaders: Manta-Man, Evergreen, Enforcer, Dreamweaver, Blizzard, and Laserfire.  Later, while the group establishes a headquarters in Miami, Florida, a mysterious figure oversees work elsewhere on an immense robot.

#3 – Terror in Times Square – The entire eastern seaboard of the U.S. gets caught in the grip of a massive, violent, unnatural storm.  Five days later, the ominous Doctor Apocalypse claims credit and demands the evacuation and secession of the island of Manhattan.  His demonstration of power, a gigantic Doomsday Robot, lands in Times Square and begins causing massive destruction.  The more than sixty-foot tall goliath is disabled by Panther, Tempest, Spectre, and Enigma, and the human crew that manned it is all captured.

#4 – Death Duel with the Destroyers – The trail from the robot leads to the Destroyers, a group of super criminals acting as Doctor Apocalypse’s advance force in New York.  Invading their headquarters in a Manhattan skyscraper, Spectre, Tempest, and Panther assail Annihilator, Shapeshifter, Behemoth, Ratman, Electrocutioner, and Iron Maiden.  The vigilantes disengage after a major clash, barely surviving.

#5 – The Island of Doctor Apocalypse – Doctor Apocalypse supervises as a massive underground psionic generator is constructed. Briefed by F.I.S.H., the heroes journey to NachtIsland near Bermuda.  They explore caves, a temple, native villages, an oceanographic base, and a military site, all the while surviving dangers from S.L.A.M. androids, Guardian robots, and explosive missiles.

#6 – Apocalypse Now! – In an epic showdown, the team destroys Doctor Apocalypse’s undersea base with his own missiles and confronts the enraged despot at his villa.  Drawing raw supernatural energy through a mystic gem, the evil mastermind wields terrible power against the three Enforcers, engaging them in a mighty battle.  Eventually, with his plans for a superpowered army ruined, the mad villain departs.

#7 – The East Coast for Ransom – A terrorist group known as the Force blackmails the U.S. with S-97, a deadly bacteriological agent, and a nuclear weapon.  A dying reporter, who had infiltrated a Church of Divine Harmony commune, claims to have information about Force.  He points Tempest and Panther toward the ShadowHawk, a hydrofoil anchored in Long Island Sound.  A fight at the vessel ensues with the yacht’s crew, Mr. Magnum, and Cicada, who is killed during the skirmish; all of the criminals are taken into custody.

#8– The Kansas Commune – Spectre, Panther, and Tempest fly to Dodge   City, Kansas, and infiltrate the commune in civilian garb.  Late that evening, in uniform, they search the compound, conflict with security forces, and discover an underground training complex.  The vigilantes rout the soldiers and villains Clamor and Stargazer, and realize that there is more than meets the eye with the Church and its leader, Father Heronomous Kinkaid, who is also the registered owner of the ShadowHawk.

#9 – FORCE – Returning to New York, the squad trails the hydrofoil south down the coast, encountering Phantasm along the way.  Eventually they arrive at St.SebastianIsland and find a heavily guarded, underground base.  The assault is joined by allies Manta-Man, Cyborg, and Magna-Man, and the struggle rages on against guards and superpowered opponents.  The heroes are victorious and capture Shadarkos, but they are unable to stop the leader, Force, as well as Snowblind and Phantasm, from escaping.

#10 – Dominion Day – A Professor Malevolence threatens Canadian Prime Minister hopeful Jacques Blevins, demanding that he drop out of the election.  After a bomb under his bandstand and more threats to the other candidates, a call is traced to an unkempt, antique house in Toronto.  Magna-Man and Cyborg find a secret laboratory in the cellar, where they take down Professor Charles Malevolent and two of his Mark I robots.  Clues from the suspect’s computer lead to SenecaCollege, where Dean Carl Davids takes them to Malevolent’s office.  The two force entry and defeat a laser booby trap, then barely salvage some information from his computer.  Two days later, the criminal is broken out of prison.  After interrogating his cellmate, Larry Dorcell, the investigators follow a police lead to the CN Tower downtown, where underground they find C.R.I.M.E. agents Brimstone and Psi-Lancer arguing with the image of the Professor on a viewscreen.  After dispatching the supervillains, they travel through a teleportation booth to a base in Ottawa, where they take down the mastermind and his Dominion Deviants: Yukon Jack, Powerhouse, and Trillium.

#11 – The Secret in the Swamp – The team changes its name to Justice Force, and Spectre is elected the team leader.  Accompanied by new member Magna-Man, Spectre, Tempest, and Panther are called to the community of Sanza in the Florida Everglades to investigate the theft of chemicals from a secret military installation. They meet Lieutenant Donald Nash, and Rolock, the village shaman of a nearby Seminole Indian reservation, directs them to an old man at a fishing hole.  The sage directs them to a shack in the swamp that is visited nightly by a white heron.  When they return at midnight, they are caught in the explosive blast of a booby trap!

#12 – And the Dead will Rise… – Following the explosion, the heroes are attacked by Sludge and Swamp Rat, who they effectively outmatch in a short battle.  Returning to the fishing hole for answers, they confront Coot, and find that the old man is a powerful being from another dimension.  Clues point to a superpowered threat, but Magna-Man is called away.  The next night the others are led by an Indian boy to a nearby burial ground, where they observe Shaman and a group of Native Americans digging up some bodies.  Interrupting the foul play, the adventurers demolish the men, but upon entering a large burial mound they encounter Shaman, Asi-vaholo, and many evil Indian spirits.

#13 – Assault in the Everglades – Justice Force defeats the spirits and learns from Shaman of Psi-Prime’s plan to evaporate all of the world’s water.  The mystic serves as a guide, leading them through the Everglades to the villain’s lair.  After getting past land mines and an electrified elevator, they invade his underground base and are ambushed by waiting forces.  The three heroes crush White Heron, Alligator, Psi-Prime, and his Prime Squadron soldiers, recover the stolen chemicals, and stop dangerous chemical-laden missiles from being launched.  Nash and the Army secure the building and all prisoners.  The powerful villainess Shee-Ariel, under instructions from Doctor DNA, begins working with hedonistic Adonis and his Errants, thieves and scoundrels that operate primarily in Europe.

#14 – Farside Operation – Soldiers of fortune raid an Ogden-Renoir plant in Bolo, Florida, killing the security staff and stealing the top secret M-5Q tank and other classified information.  A week later, a blackout at the team’s base on a beautiful day lasts for hours, causing Spectre, Tempest, and Magna-Man to investigate.  They find local Substation 4 overrun by criminals and engage Diablo, thugs, and soldiers from the Pentacle Suite of the Tarot Masters in combat.  The champions chase the enemy away and rescue many hostages, but the villains depart with the M-5Q tank disguised as a repair truck.  Their trail leads to a fancy estate just outside Miami, where Justice Force battles their way past mercenaries and soldiers, following the tank through a dimensional Locus.

#15 – Pentacle Plot – The adventurers arrive in Viné over water, not far from an island.  They enter the nearby fortified capital city of the Hessel and find that they are able to communicate with the residents of the Earth-like dimension.  After learning that the Hessel are at war with the invading Grell, they offer assistance.  The depressed King Jarvin appears delusional, but his nephew Count Norross and nobles Garnel and Arnak accept their help.  The heroes learn that for centuries four empires struggled against each other, but the recent exploitation of mutations by the Grell led to them gaining the upper hand.  Joined by the Trollians, they began raiding the other nations for tribute.  The Hessel and Weburgian kingdoms resisted valiantly until the newly arriving Pentacle forces tipped the balance of power.  The Tarot Masters supplied technology and superpowered agents, and the Grell conquered the Weburgians; now the besieged capital of the Hessel is about to fall to the invaders.  Justice Force gains an ally in Bryanic, a Weburgian paranormal.  Cinder Maid, a Grell mutant, torches the buildings and battlements around the ShoreTower in the port town of Elmosh.

#16 – The Battle for Viné – The Hessel forces plan and strategize, and the heroes get advice from the mystical Weburgian Grand Shaman Barvrihum Orgondii, who had been exiled to the Hessel refuge of Gyretown.  Rumors from the troops reach them about a mighty dragon (actually the illusion-camouflaged M-5Q tank).  Tempest, Magna-Man, Spectre, and Bryanic engage many Grell and Trollian regiments, including foot soldiers, bowmen, and cavalry.  In addition to hostile warriors, the defenders battle Grell commander Jarlor, sorcerer Lawkov, and acolyte Cinder Maid, as well as the M-5Q and Tarot supervillains Priestess, Moonflash, and Tower.  After numerous hours of warfare, the travelers are able to tip the scales back in favor of their allies and cause the Grell forces to retreat.  The Hessel and Weburgian kingdoms gratefully thank them for their aid.  Accompanied by Bryanic, the victorious champions return home via the Locus.

#17 – The Great Iridium Con – In the desert town of Iridium Vale, Nevada, both of the local superheroes are ambushed: Selena is badly injured by a bomb sent to the Valiants’ headquarters, and teammate Epsilon is dispatched the next morning by Yeoman.  That night, the leader of the Deep-Scan research team, Dr. Laura Stoner of Heavy Metal Mining, is attacked and killed in her lab by Aztech.  Justice Force is called in by G.I.A.N.T. and asked to go undercover during the Great Iridium Con, a science fiction convention being held at the Sands hotel and IridiumUniversity.  Panther, Tempest, and Spectre, along with new allies Sinder, Mirage, and Bryanic (now called Scorpio), mingle with the other conventioneers.  Though their costumes allow them to blend in well, they are still watched closely by Yeoman, Malastra, and makeup man Ken Kurtz (Kahless Khan).  That night, Nightshade opens one of their locked hotel rooms and Yeoman attempts to assassinate both Scorpio and Mirage; they fend him off and force him to flee.  The following evening, Nightshade blankets the crowded hall of the Con with darkness and Malastra stirs up anger among many armed masqueraders with a magical spell.  Nightshade grabs the Deep-Scan prototype and accompanying photos, phases down into the car park, and attempts to escape.  Spectre gives chase and clashes with her and Kahless Khan.  In the hotel hall, the rest of the team fights the remainder of the ConFederation: Malastra, Aztech, Yeoman, and Futura (who had been disguised as a robot).  Malastra teleports away and Yeoman escapes again, but the other villains are captured and the Deep-Scan and pictures are recovered.  Nightshade is revealed to be Dr. Donna Medici, a member of Dr. Stoner’s team.

#18 – The Midas Trap – In a shack in the desert, Malastra plots with the evil sorceress Devilspawn.  They discuss his betrayal of the ConFederation and their search for a missing underground spaceship that both villain groups hoped to find using the Deep-Scan.  The six heroes make their way to the ramshackle base outside of town, where they clash with Malastra and the Seven Servants to Sargatanas: Albatross, Supersonic, Firefall, Oblivia, Sequoya, Sabredance, and Devilspawn.  After a short battle, the supernatural criminals teleport away in Devilspawn’s magical tent, Cadair.

#19 – The Big Show – Vampire Victor Von Heinrich, using the alias of Thomas Prest, brings his circus to Miami to win the heart of television reporter Jessica Tory, as well as to study and test the local superhero team, Justice Force.  Mirage, Sinder, Scorpio, Panther, Tempest, and Spectre attend the show and enjoy a variety of entertainment.  Along with the routine clowns, acrobats, and exotic animals, they observe a number of unusual performers: voodoo master ‘Zuvembie Lord’, strongman Albert, and albino Batwing with an act of flying bats; Prest himself serves as the charismatic ringleader for the main event.  That night, Tory awakens to an unidentified dark-clad intruder in her home who knocks an intervening policeman into a coma.  The heroes investigate and find a ticket to the circus and bat hairs.  The following day the circus proceeds normally, but in the evening a movie shoot at a nearby cemetery is thrown into chaos when real zombies begin emerging from the earth and attacking extras made up as the undead!  The group is called in and swiftly stops the paranormal threat, but the obvious suspect (‘Zuvembie Lord’ Billy Jimson) confesses to being a fraud and has a solid alibi.  Prest is unavailable for questioning, sleeping in a coffin inside a funhouse complex beneath the circus grounds.

#20 – Terror by Night – After the third and final night of the circus, Prest meets with Tory and takes her to dinner.  Much later, at her home afterwards, she screams and faints.  Prest/Heinrich materializes from a mist on her front lawn and challenges the vigilantes.  Justice Force confronts the villain and skirmishes with him briefly.  Heinrich then turns into a mist, defies them mockingly, and flies away as a bat.  They follow him to the entrance for the Hall of Mirrors on the circus grounds, where he disappears inside.  The vampire exits via a secret hatchway, and the entering heroes are magically transported through enchanted mirrors to the mastermind’s funhouse deep underground.  The adventurers journey through traps, puzzles, and mazes, and battle robotic versions of a Minotaur, gargoyles, and Heinrich himself.  Near the end they are separated into individual rooms with holographic environments and robot monsters.  Mirage squares off with the Creature from the Black Lagoon in a watery marsh; Tempest confronts Frankenstein’s monster in a mad scientist’s laboratory; Panther engages a werewolf on foggy moors; Sinder is attacked by a beautiful female vampire in a coffin-filled crypt; Scorpio tackles a clay golem in a dank cavern; Spectre battles Zuvembie Lord and actual zombies in a jungle clearing.  After defeating their adversaries, the team confronts Baron Heinrich again in a large chamber.  As their host turns into a mist, the group is engulfed by a cube-shaped room.  It deposits them on the surface where the circus is being taken down.  Batwing chooses to abandon his act and adventure alongside the others.  Epilogue: One week later Tory receives a letter in the mail from Heinrich.

#21 – It Begins – Adonis is baited by Shee-Ariel to accept an offer of riches from Doctor DNA in exchange for the Errants rendering their services in North America.  When the criminals arrive in Miami, Doctor DNA gives them genetic brainwashing pills to subtly silence troublesome people.  Days later, a sperm bank is broken into, but nothing appears to be disturbed.  Panther, Spectre, Sinder, Mirage, and new superheroes Excalibur and Batwing investigate at Horizon Research.  Though there are no signs of forced entry into the building, the door to the storage vault has been ripped from its hinges and they find a squashed cockroach inside the normally sterilized interior.  Broken seals show that storage cabinets inside were opened, but seals on individual frozen sample containers are intact and show no tampering.  The next day, Mirage apprehends drug-runner Roscoe Watt, who claims that ‘Scuz’ is the new crime boss in the city.  Sinder rescues a small private plane on fire over the nearby suburb of Malton, but pilot Gavin Hart appears to be hiding something; the three other passengers are unemotional and slow.  The Errants call an emergency meeting over concern that Shee-Ariel’s recklessness (fireballing the plane) could bring unwanted attention; they decide to give a pill to Hart (as they did his companions).  When revisited by the heroes, he is flat and bland just like the others.  As the Errants give pills to more and more civilians, the problem gets out of hand.  Soon people all over Malton, even police officers, are zombie-like and have no personality.  Due to programming by Miragi, the affected people (even the elderly) all listen to the same electronic pop song, which is heard all over town.  Shee-Ariel, furious at the Errants for their incompetence and hoping to wipe out evidence, decides to destroy Malton.  The following evening, her alien Shredders set off demolitions at key locations while she wildly blasts fire from the sky.  As Justice Force arrives to stop her she torches an apartment complex, then detonates charges on the water tower, diverting the rescuers so that she can fly away.

#22 – The Plot Thickens – Doctor DNA oversees his factory, where he plans to produce enough pills to alter the genetic code of every living being on the continent.  The Errants scheme to eliminate Justice Force with a multi-phased plan.  With Malton a smoldering ruin, the team aids in the clean-up.  At night, as Carl Nasca (Spectre) goes to a movie with Jennifer Boyt, he is attacked by two Shredders!  He successfully wards off the savage aliens, disintegrating one and incapacitating the other.  Next, the gigantic Mongo, escorted by Cockroach, heads toward Miami and is intercepted by Excalibur and Batwing.  Despite much property damage, the adventurers subdue the two.  Downtown, Panther hears a scream and rushes to rescue a distraught girl, but she turns on him and attacks with a poisoned dagger!  The hero fends off the ambush from the young woman (Valeri, an Errant) and a Shredder, escaping without serious injury.  Through the media, Shee-Ariel demands a meeting with all local superheroes at a racetrack.  While the team waits there patiently, the criminals cause disasters all over the city to create diversions.  Batwing, Mirage, and Sinder depart to help the populace, while Spectre, Panther, and Excalibur remain.  In grand style Shee-Ariel and Scuz drive up; they are soon joined by Adonis, Magnetron, Miragi, Valeri, and three Shredders.  After a lengthy battle, the heroes force the villains to retreat.

#23 – The Dawn of DNA – Doctor DNA delivers a recorded message that is broadcast on every TV and radio station around the world.  He explains that he is a benevolent conqueror of humanity, which he has been studying.  He invites all paranormals to join him, claims that the Errants were a diversion, and threatens to release the horror of his DNA Deficients on the world!  Cockroach reveals the location of the mastermind’s Pill Factory outside Miami, so the vigilantes head there and enter via an abandoned mineshaft hidden in a cave.  The six men invade the complex, taking out many armed soldiers as they penetrate deeper and descend into the facility.  Doctor DNA confronts the heroes, but realizes that he is outmatched; unbeknownst to his opponents he switches bodies with scientist Ray Horn to avoid capture.  Slipping away, he quickly destroys all of his notes and work (including his only DNA Deficient), then escapes through a secret slide.  The vigilantes round up many guards and technicians and shut down the entire operation.

#24 – Zodiac Alliance – Mirage and Sinder are made full-time members of Justice Force.  At a news conference in Philadelphia, a large number of superpowered beings interrupt the proceedings to make a statement of their own.  C.H.E.S.S. sends Panther, Sinder, Mirage, Spectre, and allies Batwing, Scorpio, and Freeze to confront this mysterious new organization, which calls itself the Zodiac and fashions each member after an astrological sign.  Scorpio reveals to his friends his past as an assassin on Viné and as they arrive at the site he discloses that he has been recruited to join the Zodiac.  The group appears to have an international and otherworldly membership: in addition to Scorpio their roster consists of Taurus, Gemini, and Aquarius (formerly Bull, Temper, and Stormlord of the Crushers), as well as Aries, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces.  The confrontation between the two sides devolves into combat, and Panther swiftly tears into Scorpio, brutally ripping the stinger from his back and killing their former teammate.  Despite their superior numbers, the Zodiac disengages, leaving only the unconscious Taurus and slain Scorpio behind.

#25 – The Doctor is In – C.H.E.S.S. learns of recent activity on NachtIsland, and asks Justice Force to investigate.  Tempest, Spectre, Panther, Batwing, and Freeze journey to the location, entering limestone caves on the main island.  They discover that Doctor Apocalypse is attempting to reactivate his massive psionic generator, and this time the Destroyers are there to assist him.  The group demands that the powerful device be shut down, but the psychotic warlord refuses, explaining that he will use the heroes to power a colossal mind control ray.  The evil genius attacks the vigilantes, and is joined by Behemoth, Shapeshifter, Iron Maiden, Ratman, Electrocutioner, and Annihilator.  The adventurers hold their own in the ensuing battle and are able to seriously damage the psychic equipment, but the villains prove too powerful for them and force the champions to evacuate.

#26 – Battle for Wicklow – Devastating property damage from a superpowered rampage brings the team to Germany.  Spectre, Tempest, Batwing, and Freeze follow a path of destruction to the edge of WicklowForest, where they hear tales of mighty paranormals with immense strength.  Eventually they encounter Valcanus, Death Adder, and Balgren, and after a brutal clash they take down the criminals.  Appreciative German authorities take the lawbreakers into custody.

#27 – Consequences – Freeze officially joins the team.  Based on an anonymous call, Tempest, Freeze, and Spectre check out a strange building in Miami where they encounter three superhumans that they do not recognize.  The two sides square off, and the vigilantes soon realize that ranged attacks on opponents Meganaut, Telecomm, and Imperial cause energy blasts that affect everyone nearby.  After a short battle, the two sides realize that they are both on the same side and cease hostilities.  The phone call is traced to Los Angeles, and Mirage and the three heroes fly there.  In a deserted building they take out five Vengeance Robots and find clues that Professor Malevolence was the one behind sending them to the other group’s base.  Freeze portals to his home dimension, but soon returns with word that danger threatens it!

#28 – Trouble at Home – Freeze returns to Sub-Zero with his three teammates.  The weather is drastically different from the sunny spring they just left in L.A., and Tempest is unable to do much to slow the wintry blizzard or biting cold of the icy world.  The group is attacked by a pack of wolf-like Killrakin, but they are able to fend off the vicious beasts and make their way north.  At a crystal palace they meet Freeze’s royal family and learn that he is a prince in the kingdom.  A group from Earth that includes Time Thief, Darkshine, and Kachandra, as well as her pets T-479 and Semdifor, arrives and demands a powerful native artifact; the heroes are shocked to find their friend Panther assisting the villains as a mercenary.  The two groups skirmish, and Justice Force chases away the hostile invaders.

#29 – Pre-Emptive Strike – G.I.A.N.T. brings Justice Force to Kansas, where Titan Missile Silo Seventeen was recently attacked from within.  No treason or sabotage appears to have occurred, and yet a two-ton bunker door has disappeared and two S.A.C. officers were killed.  Mirage, Freeze, Spectre, and Tempest arrive early in the morning and meet General McGough in the bunker.  Shortly after, a large, black, opaque rectangular doorway appears and Voltoid, a quick, boxy android, comes through and attempts to take control of the launch computer.  The heroes swiftly down the intruder, then moments later stop a Trojan I robot that flies through.  The four adventurers step through the gateway and find themselves in a large antechamber aboard the strange, alien spacecraft Superior.  They are attacked by the Guardians of the Gate, a Flame Dragon and Frost Dragon, and knock out both enormous beasts.  The group then enters a pyramid-shaped area, where all but Spectre are incapacitated by knockout gas.  A short time later the veteran vigilante falls to humans Vendetta and Sprite, while the alien Tympanus observes.  Superior, surrounded entirely by an irregular iron asteroid, floats inside a distant nebula, far from Earth.

#30 – Finity Quest – Tympanus and Vendetta discuss their plan to instigate World War III on Earth, irradiating the northern hemisphere to provide a suitable home for Tympanus’ race.  They reluctantly send the four captured heroes to the prison dimension of Finity, a prehistoric wasteland with a colony of supervillains.  The group first makes a secure camp for the badly injured Tempest.  After a day exploring the hot and humid swampland, the team meets the astral form of Alexander Tissaveerasinghe, a stranded archaeologist from the future.  Their new ally, whose body remains trapped within his time-traveling craft Aristotle, agrees to return them home in exchange for their assistance.  Alexander briefs the others on the powers of the Primevils and describes the layout of their camp on TrilobiteIsland, where they have built a stockade and moat around his vessel.  He also introduces them to Microtitan, a valiant adventurer who recently arrived in Finity, as well as Kamikaze and Vengeance, both sent by C.H.E.S.S. to rescue Justice Force.  After careful planning, Freeze, Spectre, Mirage, Microtitan, Vengeance, and Kamikaze attack the fortification and assail felons Oberon, Rocker, Contessa, Blonde Berserker, Glacia, Wrack, and Soulburner.  After defeating many of the criminals and forcing the rest to flee, the travelers and Microtitan free Alexander’s body and return to Earth with him via his ship.

#31 – First Encounters – The tabloid National Inquisitor contacts the team, offering a big donation to charity if they will look for their missing reporter Johnny Dugan, who disappeared investigating the story of the Wisconsin Lizard Man.  Tempest, Spectre, Freeze, Kamikaze, and Microtitan, as well as reporter Sheila Baynes and photographer Kyle Stewart, journey to Big Rock, Wisconsin.  They meet local storyteller Old Jed, who tells tales of a deadly Lizard Man that guards the large rock in the center of town and catches lone victims in the woods.  The rock, which used to be worshipped by Native Americans, is reputed to be a meteorite that glows during some stellar phenomena, and anyone who tries to damage or move it supposedly falls under a terrible curse.  The adventurers check out the massive, black rock formation and search for the missing man, but find only Dugan’s glasses and a strange footprint in the forest.  Old Jed leads the heroes and reporters in canoes down the Rock River to an old Indian burial ground.  As they near Rock Island, the group is attacked by a squad of Logrellian Shock Troopers, who drop nets from above and target the civilians.  The highly trained alien warriors are a fanatical fighting force, and as each are defeated they vaporize themselves with Personal Disintegrators.  After a short but intense battle, a number of the attackers retreat.  An unconscious Dugan is found nearby, and a brilliant flash of light and thunderous noise signal the departure of a Logrellian scout ship.

#32 – Battle Above the Earth – C.H.E.S.S. alerts Justice Force that an emergency situation has developed on Space Station One, the U.S.’s first fully manned life environ orbital platform.  Security Chief Hugh Manning, head of the station, sent a coded message notifying authorities that a group of supervillains had taken over, captured everyone, and sent a high frequency signal back to Earth.  Spectre, Tempest, Freeze, Mirage, Microtitan, and Kamikaze take a shuttle to the facility and enter without difficulty.  As they move through the structure, they defeat numerous Logrellian soldiers, Anima-Man, Centurion, Mystic, Nightstalker, and R.I.N.G., and destroy their signal transmitter, preventing an invasion by the Logrellian fleet.  The team also rescues Manning and the other hostages and puts the base back in their care.

#33 – The Inhuman League – The team is called to Atlanta for a robbery by a number of freaks and misfits.  Police and ordinary forces are unable to stop the powerful villains, who dub themselves the Inhuman League.  Mirage, Freeze, Tempest, Spectre, and Kamikaze arrive and attempt to negotiate, but Nightmare, Stigmata, Spyder, Gila, and Jaws refuse to parlay.  After a brutal battle, the criminals are defeated and incarcerated.

#34 – Demon Invasion – A tropical storm off the east coast of Florida grows quickly in speed and intensity, and is soon realized to be an entirely new phenomena.  Days later, a concussive shockwave from the Vortex causes many of the planes observing it to be lost at sea and affects weather patterns around the world.  C.H.E.S.S. sends in Imperial, Meganaut, and Telecomm, who transmit back that the Vortex is centered around a bizarre framework construction, hovering over the ocean floor and sucking in everything around it like a small black hole.  Strange creatures are seen on the towers, working on machines, then communication with the heroes is lost.  Panic spreads among the public as scientists reveal that in fourteen months most life on Earth will be destroyed!  The U.N. launches a massive nuclear warhead into the squall with no effect.  Russia sends in their superhero Gravitron, who creates an opposing black hole that causes another incredible blast.  The Vortex and Gravitron both disappear, and the area returns to normal.  An adrift fishing trawler emerges with tales of horrific monsters that slew and ate their crewmates; they claim that a great explosion sucked the beasts in and then they witnessed demons and the Devil himself!  C.H.E.S.S. tells all heroes to remain on alert, then King Homer Grimsby alerts Justice Force that a second mysterious tower is being built at Stonehenge.  Banished eons ago to the dimension of Chaosia (the Devil’s Domain), the powerful entity known as the Devil orchestrates giant matter vacuums on three different worlds (Earth, Xareon, and Targo) to feed millions of demons that will form a living link, allowing his escape (which is possible only every 666 years).  As Spectre, Tempest, Mirage, Freeze, and Kamikaze fly in a loaned supersonic jet to Great Britain, they see the Devil’s image in the sky, commanding them to turn back.  Next they face a wave of mystic turbulence from Overseer, then multiple flying demons that explode into noxious brown smoke when defeated.  They arrive at Stonehenge, where a black, four-story structure rises 300 feet above the ancient ruins.  The heroes battle their way up, besting human zombies from many different eras of history.  As they ascend, they destroy strange gigantic machinery that the undead had been constructing.  On the third deck they dodge large objects that Overseer teleports at them through a misty portal.  At the top, they overcome many different demons, who explode into a brown liquid that becomes smoke.  Later, this demon ichor entrances the local townspeople, temporarily causing them to go into a killing frenzy toward those unaffected.

#35 – Lost Tomb of Cor – Justice Force receives international praise and rewards for their bravery.  C.H.E.S.S., still concerned, presents the team with a vial of the demon ichor.  Research and analysis reveals it to be an alien organic compound that affects human brain chemistry in its gaseous form.  Records show only one previous encounter, during a reign of terror by Glenn Jocco (Obituary), who nearly dominated the world with it over fifty years before.  The heroes fly to Easter Island to talk to the former terrorist, but the old man yells mad ravings and threats as they approach.  From his tiny hut, surrounded by giant stone heads with glowing red eyes, four demons spring at the vigilantes.  After a short battle, the five men subdue Obituary, destroy the creatures, and recover a powerful magical weapon called a Soul Sickle.  Inside the house, they find his diary and a locked chest which cannot be moved.  A key is found on the madman, and inside the box is a dank hole with an overpowering stench and nightmarish screams.  The adventurers travel down a slippery staircase into the Chaos Room, where Tempest and Spectre face deadly illusions until the others persuade them to disbelieve.  They enter the Hall of Ages, which is covered entirely in ancient runes.  Kamikaze deciphers a tale of alien travelers and King Cor besting a great demon, but is cursed in the process.  As they pass through the Well of the Dead, piled high with mummified corpses, they find a bronze key.  A statue of a monstrous warrior blocks a tunnel, then comes to life and attacks!  They defeat the being, and it turns to dust.  The group goes into the Dome of Knowledge, encrusted with jewels that activate images; they see many recordings, including pictures of the Devil and Chaosia.  Suddenly three statues of beetle-men become animated and assail them with pikes!  The champions dispatch the Horrors and find a hidden door which leads into the Gate of the Dimensions.  That room has a carpet of squirming maggots, and the key found earlier fits into a painting of a large wooden door, revealing a glowing energy field.  Each person is asked what they seek, and Spectre chooses power.  He then steps through the portal to Rome circa 45 B.C., the era of Gaius Julius Caesar.  Though gone for hours, only seconds have passed for the others when they retrieve him.  Frustrated that their leader has likely fractured the timestream, the group decides to confront the Devil and enters the gateway.

#36 – Devil’s Domain – The team steps through to Chaosia, a bizarre dimension with characteristics and natural laws different from Earth; the atmosphere and air are thicker, gravity is more intense, and the soil and rocks are composed of diamond-hard crystals.  The group moves east all day across the endless plains of the Fields of Glass and wards off different groups of creatures; during one fight they also struggle against a wave of fear.  At night, demonic beings assault their camp, but each time they are able to defeat them.  The next day they continue to travel and are still occasionally attacked by strange beasts.  Finally they reach the CoralForest, where the dangerous terrain forces them to slow down and the monster encounters become more frequent.  Some fall into a deep sleep in the SomniferousForest, but their teammates are able to wake them.  Hours later, the heroes rescue the sentient Brain Core of the Coral from an assault by more demons; in return it heals their wounds.  After many hours, they reach the Scarlet Orb, a large, metallic hovering sphere at the center of the forest.  The champions overpower ten Boogen guards, then use a control booth to enter the top of the structure.  On the upper level, they pass through a torture chamber, find strange and exotic devices and equipment, ward off a tiny robot, and briefly clash with Overseer, who teleports away.  They descend in a lift to the next level, a maze of twisting tunnels and dead ends that appear to be the interior of a living being.  Discovering storage for the demon ichor and a treasure trove guarded by three Abominations, the group chooses to press on to the bottom level.  There they find an opulent throne room of spectacular grandeur, as well as the Devil, Overseer, and many demons.  Quickly the two sides engage in combat, and Justice Force finds that the large, charismatic Devil is by far the most dangerous foe they have ever faced.  The battle starts to turn against the vigilantes, and Tempest and Mirage fall to their more powerful adversaries.  Suddenly, Freeze teleports behind the Devil and hits him with the Soul Sickle, trapping his essence inside of it!  The ghost of Cor appears and offers a wish to each hero: Freeze asks for the defeat of the demons, Spectre chooses wealth, and Kamikaze requests repair for the timestream.  Each wish is granted, and the victors leave the Soul Sickle (and trapped Devil) under the ancient spirit’s care.  They make their way to a demon bridge, where they exit the realm and return home.


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