C.H.E.S.S. Reports


Mexico has seen the revival of a super-powered wrestling league of luchadores; while much of the action between technicos and rudos is just hype, several actual south-of-the-border villains and vigilantes have taken to the ring to settle grudges.

The family of deceased heroes the Imperial Guard and his wife Telecomm recently opened a chain of mid-tier steak-and ale-houses (“The Thundering Herd”) in Great Britain; among their investors is the estranged family of the notorious Stanislas Laird (AKA Stormlord AKA Aquarius AKA Dr. Squallus). They garnered endorsements from several of their former English heroic allies, such as Big Ben and the Vanquishing Knight. Reviews have been fair to good, though Gordon Ramsay was harsh in his assessment.

Due to concerns about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, New Babylon has announced that they will no longer accept visitors directly from any other African countries.

The new Night-Raven and Fleur-De-Lys teamed up with sanctioned Canadian hero Redcoat to shut down a Toronto chapter of the Black Tar Terrors, the outlaw motorcycle gang/crime outfit which originated as the Nicotines, street-level foes of the vigilante Lightning-Fist. The Black Tar Terrors were involved in drug smuggling of a new “Black Ice” form of crystal meth, as well as running a prostitution and sex slavery ring. The Terrors have made a lot of noise recently, making moves on the territories of more established gangs such as the Damnation Angels, Wild Huns, and Sons of Chaos. Their battles with Street-Wolf and his junior partner Jawbreaker have caused a lot of collateral damage in the urban areas of the U.S.

R.A.M. 101 battled Behemoth and Ratman (rejuvenated Destroyers members) in Edinburgh, Scotland, while in Brussels, Belgium, Empress Terra Tyrannia and her Subterranean Legionnaires clashed with Iron Maiden, who was backed up by a squad of Guardian robots. Both conflicts ended in stalemates, but caused millions of dollars in property destruction.

Reports from combatants worldwide indicate that arms and weaponry have been flowing rapidly from Japan. This includes automatic assault rifles used in the brazen attack by Pakistani Taliban on their country’s largest airport as well as rocket powered Griffins used in the taking of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, by radical I.S.I.S. militants earlier this month. Speculation from security experts is that this weaponry is being supplied by a powerful syndicate called the Web, which is rumored to be run by paranormals from the U.S.


A new supervillain gang debuted in France, staging a daring daylight robbery of The Louvre; the self-styled Malcontents include Od, Psi-Phon, Marionette, and the Wavemistress. Their art museum theft was followed by hijacking a yacht from a Riviera harbor, and then stealing a showroom full of Mercedes-Benz automobiles from a dealership in Berlin. The Malcontents also committed acts of assault, unlawful detention (forcing a noted Spanish chef to prepare taps for them), public nudity (“performance art”) and vandalism (numerous acts of defacing monuments and art objects). Further field note: There were unconfirmed reports Od and Psi-Phon were either working with/pressed into servitude with the so-called “Freak Legion”, along with lesser known super-villain Cockroach; their appearance and demeanor in the Malcontents gang may provide further evidence this was the case, though both have obviously either taken their leave or escaped. Od and Psi-Phon have never worked together on a caper before, let alone as partners in a villain gang. Od is further mutated, his biological armor now sporting crystal-like nodes and growths on his back, and his illusion casting powers appear to create random, chaotic images now; Psi-Phon looked the same, but was eerily silent and composed throughout the Malcontents’ crime spree, whereas the psychic rogue is normally twitchy, simpering, and taunting to his victims and opponents.

The Baltimore Police Department are said to be in negotiations with Topple Industries, discussing the use of the company’s Equalizer armor for law enforcement usage. The Equalizer armor has proven most effective in numerous encounters with dangerous paranormals, and it is not known what the Baltimore Police would use the armor for, or how many suits they are interested in acquiring.

Negotiations are said to be going well between a new syndicate in Japan called the Web and the xenophobic Divine Right, or Kami no Seigi. Both organizations are said to have paranormal terrorists, and it is not known what concessions each side has made to coexist or divide Asian territory.

A UFO appeared in the skies over Atlanta. The mysterious vigilante Electronique was seen in the immediate vicinity, levitating above street-level in her gravity-defying cycle.  She was described as “entranced”, “bathed in eerie light”, and “looking at the UFO like she was communicating with the aliens in the craft” by onlookers. The UFO was described as “doughnut-shaped” (a toroid), but obscured in “sparkly blue mist”; its size was estimated as 100 meters in diameter. A local brownout accompanied the appearance of the UFO-this lasted three minutes, until both the UFO and Electronique vanished from sight.


A premiere assassination squad was organized by rogue agent Alexander VI to assassinate President Linus of Malawi during his recent visit to the U.S., as part of trade negotiations and a U.N. visit. The Guardians thwarted the attempt, and captured all the members of the hit-team. Simon Shrew and Trickshot are in the custody of U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, being interrogated due to their past connections to U.S. covert intelligence, prior to facing prosecution. Overload and Wrack are in power-restraining holding cells, with extreme caution being exercised with Wrack, who is considered a near-Omega level physical threat. Solo is facing extradition attempts from several Central African and Eastern European nations. The assassination attempt must have been bankrolled and organized by an outside organization, as former agent Alexander VI does not appear to have access to the funds necessary. C.H.E.S.S. takes the presence of a rogue agent in the organization very seriously, and has informed the U.S. government Alexander VI will remain in C.H.E.S.S. custody for the time being to investigate the depth of his illegal usurpation of C.H.E.S.S. resources and contacts. It also behooves senior leadership to consider that Alexander VI’s true potential as an operative may have been badly overlooked. It is possible there may be other options than prison in this case.

This marks the third failed attempt on President Leo in recent months. It is suspected these are related to the Malawi government’s alleged ties with the re-formed Inhuman League, though President Leo has many personal enemies as well, owing to his association (“suspected” association to be technically accurate) with the Zodiac Crime Cartel. Several other African dictators/military strongmen also have reason to want President Leo gone. Given the unique mineral wealth of Malawi as a source of adamantium, and the possibility of bringing Leo’s government into the world community as something more than a rogue nation, it is imperative the backers of the assassination attempts be found and shut down.

The Cluster kidnapped an energy executive’s child and attempted to blackmail the man into admitting criminal negligence in a toxic spill. Testing has revealed genetically-tailored insect pheromones were used to placate Army Ant and sway Painted Lady into cooperating with the Cluster. Deadly Wasp was accidentally killed by the Guardians in the conflict, by Perihelion and Psypher. An autopsy showed moderate levels of pheromones in Deadly Wasp’s blood as well, and this may have impaired her judgment in combat. Team member Flea has admitted to helping Deadly Wasp brew the pheromones, to better control their teammates. Painted Lady is undergoing psychiatric evaluation as a result. The Cluster does not normally engage in environmental activism or eco-terrorism; as mercenary villains, they normally hire out to the highest bidders. Thus, it is likely a third party who commissioned the kidnapping of the little boy, perhaps a business rival, personal enemy, or radical anti-pollution/green power group. This bears further investigation, and has been turned over to the F.B.I.

The “Fabulous Freak Brigade Travelling Sideshow” has been sighted in remote parts of Appalachia and the Ozarks, and there is a CAN-A.A.C.T. report of the sinister organization just outside Saskatoon, Canada. At least six unexplained disappearances coincide with the presence of the Freak Brigade, as well as two unsolved murders and a rash of livestock mutilations. As detailed earlier, monstrously transformed (but still recognizable) villains Mr. Mind and Ms. Body are “attractions” in the freak show, and Cockroach may now be among them as well (unverified). Reports of creatures matching the “DNA Deficients” of Dr. DNA stalking rural America are now attributed to the Freak Brigade as well. Something horrific is going on-but what?

The Birthright cult of de-powered superbeings has apparently targeted Doc Negation and the Universals, likely due to Doc Negation’s penchant for nullifying the abilities of defeated opponents or otherwise diminishing targeted superhumans; the organization has declared the Universals are “traitors to their kind”.


A new, younger Night Raven (resembling the Los Angeles-based vigilante) is active in the Toronto area, using an updated costume and flying harness; he is apparently partnered with (or being mentored by) the still active Fleur-De-Lys, who has abandoned her criminal status. It should be noted Fleur-De-Lys is still wanted by the R.C.M.P. for crimes which have not cleared the books yet.

Frightening reports have come out of Appalachia about humanoid “monsters” who match the description of Dr. DNA’s “DNA Deficients”; the entity known as Dr.DNA was long thought to have been eradicated or exiled from this plane of existence, so these reports are doubly troubling if confirmed. At least two deaths have been attributed to these creatures.

An uprising appears to have taken place within T.O.T.E.M. Initial reports indicate that Menton led many old guard members of the group against Adalwolf. The rebellion failed, and it is believed that Menton, Gila, Faultline, Bear Claw, and Hellspawn have gone into hiding and that Gosentsu, Silent Shadow, and Hans “Hak” Klijsters were killed.

Long-reformed supervillain Dr. Carlos Yeti appeared at the U.N. to deliver the latest I.P.C.C. report on Global Warming and possible technological solutions to rising global temperatures in the forthcoming century.

The American mercenary Ronin is believed to have taken an assignment from the Triad Tong; further details are yet unknown. Ronin has a reputation for “honorable” behavior, so he has likely accepted a contract against a fellow criminal.

The C.D.C. is recommending that everyone get an annual seasonal flu vaccine (flu shot or nasal-spray flu vaccine). Influenza is a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death. Every flu season is different, and influenza infection can affect people differently. Even healthy people can get very sick from the flu and spread it to others. The “seasonal flu season” in the United States can begin as early as October and last as late as May, and during this time, flu viruses are circulating in the population. When more people get vaccinated against the flu, less flu can spread through that community.


A new cult has arisen in Western Europe, the so-called “Birthright Movement”. A pro-supers organization, this quasi-religious faction targets depowered former superhumans for recruitment, along with individuals with very minor abilities. It promotes the notion that Birthright members will be fully re-empowered by faith, proven by commitment to the cult’s aims. Birthright is active in France, Germany, Italy, and (possibly) England. No connection to either the FORCE cult or the Tarot has been uncovered so far. It is known that recently released convict Miragi (of the unfortunate Errants team) has been inducted into the movement. Birthright has access to considerable wealth and technological resources. The organization has of course come into conflict with human/normal supremacist groups such as H.A.R.M.

A mysterious figure known only as “The Identity” has made his presence known in Washington, D.C.; apparently a street-level vigilante, the Identity has so far delivered beatings to crack cocaine dealers, shut-down an Intercrime money-laundering front, and supplied the D.A. with iron-clad evidence exposing police corruption. Preliminary evidence suggests the Identity is well-versed in detective skills, hand to hand combat, and chemistry. He is described as tall, wearing a full-face mask, along with a black derby hat and dark blue waistcoat.

In similar reports, the Street Wolf has continued a successful crusade against street-crime in Chicago, even teaming up with a former protégé of well-known vigilante Lightning-Fist to roll up victories against the drug gangs. The Black-Tar Terrors (successors to the notorious Nicotines motorcycle gang) have been effectively shut down by the pair. Street Wolf’s tactics remain such that local law enforcement has issued several warrants against him, but so far the public and the mainstream vigilante community remain at least mildly supportive of the “hero”.

All legal charges in Iowa against the Patriarch were dropped due to his actions stopping the plot of UIY 2249 to abduct an entire neighborhood of children for use as cannon fodder/spare parts in an alleged extraterrestrial war; the Patriarch was aided by the so-called “Boy/Kid Detectives” and their patron hero Captain Crisis, whom they claim to have summoned from a mystic ring.

In Tajikistan E.U. and U.S. officials seized a truck with approximately 50 kg. of raw opium, but the following day the convoy transporting the narcotics was attacked by a large, golden dragon.  In the confusion, the drugs disappeared, followed by the gigantic monster breaking off the assault and flying away.

A.R.T. reports that there was a lunar meeting between Dr. Destroyer and Mentor, the GamesMaster, and Doctor Apocalypse; the latter three are believed to have presented a united front against any aggression toward Earth. In related news, A.R.T. relayed the taking of three systems from the Capellan Empire (including the homeworld of the Brounan race) by Dr. Destroyer’s armada, commanded by his regent the Siege Engine (a cyborg or perhaps an A.I. robot). The Capellans have made no moves so far to contest Dr. Destroyer’s claim to the worlds; more ominous signs suggest they are massing their fleets in preparation to face some unknown threat from deep space.


There are credible field reports of a crew calling themselves the “Floop Brothers”, who have taken part in several crimes in Ohio and West Virginia, as well as one warehouse robbery in Trenton, New Jersey.

A monstrous creature emerged suddenly on Drummond Island in the South China Sea, but C.H.E.S.S. appeared to be completely prepared for its arrival, using heavy firepower from over a dozen Knights and Valkyries to repel the beast.

Initial field reports indicating Beekeeper was among the costumed mercenaries hired to thwart the attempt on President Dr. Leo of Malawi’s life were in error; Beekeeper was confirmed dead at the hands of a South American drug cartel years ago, and there has been no resurrection. Further investigation has revealed Lightning Bug and/or the Wasp (AKA Deadly Wasp) were the insect-themed villains involved. Both were far afield of their usual locales, so President Leo’s financial incentive was likely significant. The original Beekeeper prototype suit blueprints have surfaced on the shadow-internet (not accessible by the general public), along with the specs for several other deceased super-criminal tech; this has led to numerous “poseurs” arming themselves with inferior knock-off versions.

It should be noted President Leo officially denies any involvement with the Zodiac Cartel and continues to assert all such suggestions are “Western Colonialist Propaganda” or the work of “political radicals” within his own nation; Leo the Lion and his “Simbas” (genetic knock-offs) have in fact brought to justice several known African/Middle-Eastern super-villains, scoring very public victories outside Malawi. The nation is not currently considered a rogue state by the U.N., though it has been called out several times for human rights abuses.

The rash of disturbing nightmares among psychics has subsided…replaced by an even more ominous phenomenon: many have stopped dreaming at all. Those who previously experienced astral travel or precognitive visions during their sleep have likewise been bereft of their abilities for weeks. Even more disturbing, an A.R.T. team has brought back similar reports among the psi-adepts of alien races. Combined with the recent increase in trans-dimensional slips, cross-overs, and apparent resurrections, it is possible some cosmic event could be in the making. Initially C.H.E.S.S. analysts attributed the nightmare/sleep disturbance phenomenon to the actions of supernatural villainous organizations such as Force of Change or the whispered Freedom of Chaos, but now it is suspected these cabals may only be taking advantage of an unexplained “weakening” in the fabric of reality. The situation is serious enough for the Queen to become personally involved in the investigation, and word has also been sent to Mentor at his lunar panopticon.


A new costumed figure has made her debut in Atlanta, though her faction remains unknown at this time. Going by the nom de guerre Electronique, she has performed several benevolent deeds, including plucking an unattended toddler from the path of an oncoming van, thwarting a purse snatching, and running off two attackers who were sexually assaulting a woman; however, Electronique is also the main suspect in a jewelry store heist, and she has been identified as the assailant of a veteran Atlanta police officer. Her equipment is similar to that used by the late Professor Polarity, though clearly with several design modifications.

It appears that a facility in Hong Kong belonging to Motivator was devastated by a withering amount of firepower.  Eyewitness accounts make it difficult to identify the attacker, but experts believe it might be a new version of the Iron Maiden armor.

U.S.A. Robotics has unveiled the new Hercules robot that will compete in the upcoming D.R.C. (D.A.R.P.A. Robotics Challenge). No new video, though footage of the previous Atlas series are still being released. The Hercules robot is expected to be the top competitor facing the latest build of the Kintetsu series.

The alien killer-for-hire Rune failed in an assassination attempt against “President” Leo last month, foiled by the Simba Royal Guard and two hired mercenaries-Crossfire and Beekeeper (previously believed deceased); Rune herself escaped with minimal injuries. Several other villains have reportedly taken up the contract, including rogue operative Simon Shrew, super-soldier Solo, the enigmatic Overload, and the fearsome Wrack. The source of the murder plot is so far inconclusive, though the available evidence suggests either the Shogun of the Dragon’s Claw or the less-established Alexander VI, but reports are still preliminary.

Archeologists are warned to be on the lookout for “The Copper Lion”. A Sosso Kingdom relic, the Copper Lion was stolen from the National Museum of Mali two weeks ago.

Spyder continues to gather members for a new Inhuman League, mostly from Central and Southeast Asia and also Yugoslavia; it is believed that the final goal is putting together an international crime syndicate in collaboration with Leo and the Zodiac cartel. This could prove a major destabilizing force in the hemisphere if allowed to come to fruition. C.H.E.S.S. agents, the operatives of allied groups such as F.I.S.H. and M.E.D.U.S.A., and all major sanctioned superheroes should be alerted to this possibility.


Mountain Man surfaced in the Andes, where he apparently has been hiding for some months’ time; satellite footage showed the massively strong villain in a three-way brawl against a powerfully built ape-like creature with shaggy dark hair and a very tall, pale-skinned man dressed in tattered clothing (tentatively identified as a flesh golem or oversized zombie). Much of the cliffside was brought down by the battle in an avalanche, and only Mountain Man was observed to emerge. No further details of this conflict have been obtained, least of all what might have brought Mountain Man and the other two combatants to the Andes.

Dr. Squallus, along with Taurus (the former Crusher, Bull, as opposed to the member of the new Zodiac) and someone wearing an improved F.I.S.T. armored suit, brutally assaulted Anarch when the synthetic villain was attempting to enter the borders of New Babylon. This was likely done as a mistaken act of revenge/statement of a feud against Doc Negation, with Dr. Squallus believing Anarch had deliberately freed Ms. Mass from custody; our investigations have shown Anarch’s attack on the plane transporting Ms. Mass to the authorities was entirely unrelated to her escape, with the Universals’ gang member simply taking advantage. The alien was taken by surprise and retreated from the encounter using his superior flying speed, but Anarch is unlikely to let the matter drop. The synthetic being’s behavior suggests he operates on an inhuman timescale.

Leo and the new versions of the Zodiac and Inhuman League appear to be in negotiations to coordinate their international criminal affairs, likely taking advantage of Leo’s status as leader of a sovereign (if rouge) nation, in return for concessions on the villains’ ends. Their aims may include drug trafficking, arms smuggling, and kidnapping.

More signs point to a Dr. Apocalypse/Motivator conflict, this time an escalating series of cyber-strikes and counter-strikes attacking each other’s bases, space satellites, and robots. Also. Motivator may have invented a seismic weapon or recruited a subterranean ally, as one of the Doctor’s bases was engulfed by a massive sinkhole in what should have been solid bedrock.

British intelligence agencies have confirmed that on two separate occasions, members of Doctor Apocalypse’s Destroyers have been verified as appearing much younger than they have in the past.  Behemoth was observed as a participant in underground fight clubs, and Ratman was spotted in Hong Kong by an MI6 operative; both members appeared decades younger than their files indicate they should be.

The Guardians appeared at a press conference with Evelyn Epoch and spoke on the importance of superheroes being more pro-active in preventing supervillain crime; while an ostensibly laudable goal, most such self-proclaimed efforts have proven fleeting, as even major superhero teams seem to get caught up in the “reactive” mode of battling super-criminals and extra-normal threats as they pop up. Similar initiatives by powerful superhuman individuals/groups have also resulted in formerly sanctioned heroes crossing over to the role of “anti-heroes” or full-fledged villains who are swiftly targeted by law enforcement and more mainstream vigilantes (see: Ebony Angel, Mother Superior, among other entries).

While Ms. Epoch is relatively lacking in powers (especially since her involuntary physical change), she should not be underestimated due to her high degree of intellect, determination, and leadership. Moreover, she has a potential arsenal of weird-science and mystic artifacts available, owing to the Epoch family’s long history of explorers/adventurers, most such relics contained in the Epoch clan’s Castle Esotera. Backed by a large fortune and the New Harriers team (composed mostly of mercenaries, borderline “anti-heroes”, and the “reformed” Apollo), the threat potential should be carefully monitored.

Anti-super/”pro-human” militias such as H.A.R.M. are invariably stirred up by such talk, and this proved no exception, as H.A.R.M. power-armor troopers attacked a group of heroes present at a Citadel Mall charity event in South Carolina. The recent controversy involving NSA spying/data-gathering on American citizens since the “war on terror” began has likely intensified sensitivities to any possible expansion of superhero “oversight”. Still, it might be stated that tracking down and apprehending/preempting supervillain plots is preferable to dealing with them once already underway.


Recent occurrences involving the Guardians and other high-profile superbeings should be viewed as cause for increasing alarm; there has been a marked increase over the past year of extremely powerful, so-called “supernatural” entities intruding into the human plane of existence. The Demon Prince of Nightmares (whom C.H.E.S.S. investigators and the Elderess believe to dwell in a “dream realm” formed by the collective unconscious), the mysterious Malefactor, and Satanis (a creature from one of the documented Hell dimensions) have all recently manifested and come into conflict with high-profile super-heroes and villains.

The “Force of Change” group incident resulted in serious ramifications for the superhero community and indeed the world. Several notable deaths occurred (mostly super-villains, fortunately), along with the possibly related (unconfirmed) death of Coral Snake (may have been result of luck-manipulation) and the mental illness of Compass. The Force of Change faction seems to have overlap (again, unconfirmed) with the rumored Freedom of Chaos organization, primarily the association of the fear-causing psychic known as Frightmare/Nightmare. Given conflicting reports as to the whereabouts of Nightmare during the Force of Change trials by combat, it is possible the “Frightmare/Nightmare” involved was time-displaced or an alternate/parallel world counterpart.

Numerous powerful superheroes were apparently resurrected as a result of the Force of Change incident, but given the individual responsible was Malefactor, it cannot be discounted these “resurrections” are false; the supposed revived heroes may be evil/malevolent alternate-Earth counterparts, demons in human guise mimicking the powers of deceased heroes, or otherwise corrupted. C.H.E.S.S. recommends close observation and communication of these suspicions to trusted superheroes who are in close contact with the “resurrected” champions. These concerns are buttressed by the experience of the Guardians’ latest adventure in Guatemala, where the once-famed South American heroine, Sihuanaba (deceased), turned up as a diabolic/undead monster and was allied with evil Mayan warrior revenants. It is suspected but unconfirmed this is linked with the resurrections engineered by Malefactor elsewhere.

Another worrisome development which occurred during the same excursion involved the Guardians being drawn into another dimension where they encountered/battled “fictional” superheroes; this is now believed by our investigators to NOT have been a virtual reality or illusion, but an actual parallel/alternate dimension. The frequency of these “cross-time” encounters of late coupled with the rise in “supernatural” activities indicate the “probability barriers” which separate our dimension from others may be growing “thinner”-which could lead to a multiversal crisis situation. Such situations have the potential for timeline revisions, primarily involving origins, powers, and team-associations. Such “reboots” may lead to formerly sociable superheroes becoming more “grim/dark” and “edgy”, or even cause paradoxes, such as a crimefighter suddenly being too young to have the son who is still serving as his/her sidekick. Fortunately, most egregious changes tend to eventually reverse themselves.

As mentioned earlier in the report, it is strongly hypothesized the very recent encounter/battle the Guardians had with individuals identified as “Batman”, “Captain America”, “The Hulk”, “Spider-Man”, “Wonder Woman”, and “Superman” was not an illusion or some sort of “virtual reality” scenario, but a parallel world situation. This is bolstered, albeit weakly, by circumstantial evidence gathered in past investigations: alien visitors have on occasion reported an advanced but isolationist civilization which was destroyed by some planetary catastrophe, one which left a ring of green radioactive debris (the “Superman” origin), and a nuclear scientist named Bruce Banner was working on an ultra-top secret military project in 1963, before he was found fatally poisoned, most likely due to a Russian communist infiltrator. This corroborates the hypothesis many “fictional” characters and stories in our universe are actually occurring in other dimensions, with writers, artists, designers, and other “creative types” somehow able to “tap into” such events in the form of daydreams, inspirations, etc.

(If true, this raises a troubling notion: dimension-hopping villains such as Omni-Primus could conceivably learn compromising information about our Earth’s defenders and super-powered protectors by travelling to a world where real individuals such as the Guardians are detailed in comic books and motion pictures).

The above hypothesis is further borne out by conflict which broke out last week in Amsterdam, between several members of what is believed to be the Inhuman League and several heretofore unknown supervillains; these villains included a weird, chalk-skinned, flying strongman, a man clad in armor styled to resemble an arachnid of some type, and a green-skinned, emaciated humanoid with an enlarged cranium who acted as the team’s tactician. The fight began just a block over from a street which houses a comics/rpg shop, an occult bookstore, and a drug paraphernalia store, and ended abruptly when the “new” supervillains winked out of existence.


Eyewitness reports continue to come in regarding the worldwide movement of up to thirty “supernatural” entities, psychopathic villains (known spree killers/serial killers, including Chainsaw), undead beings (including vampires and re-animated), and “monsters” (demons, gargoyles, Samhain, Sequoya, and others) out of their normal stomping grounds. Civilian casualties remain low, as these fiends seemingly are avoiding contact with civilization, taking haphazard routes through forlorn rural areas and backwoods; while obviously desirable from the standpoint of human life, this behavior has made whatever point these creatures are ultimately converging upon hard to predict.

The spike in nightmares among psychically sensitive adults remains in effect since last month; the dreamers typically report images of falling buildings, riots, mass panic (people being trampled in a frenzy, wild animals running amok in a zoo, etc.). Turbulence, anarchy, and mayhem dominate their dreams.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the rogue Host princess traded samples of Host genetic material with unknown parties here on Earth; likely candidates include Anarch, Doc Negation, Dr. Phage (of the Refuseniks), and Motivator. These are only preliminary suspects, and further investigation is warranted.

Japanese astronomers report they caught a glimpse of Dr. Destroyer’s alien ship in lunar orbit during the time of the latest Host visit. The vessel since appears to have left Earth’s solar system. Any purpose beyond mere observation of the Host diplomatic mission are mere guesses at this point.

The Pan-European superhero team The Partisans were alerted by the German government to a pitched battle between “giant robots and weird humanoids in blue jumpsuits” taking place in the Black Forest; when they arrived, they found the remains of several of Motivator’s “Elastimen” constructs, along with scattered parts of two Dr. Apocalypse robots (as well as dozens of felled trees and numerous animal carcasses); what prompted this skirmish is being investigated. A full-blown villain war between Dr. Apocalypse and Motivator would have serious, perhaps world-wide repercussions.

The Greek government has filed a formal complaint against the Guardians with the U.N., owing to the “unwarranted teleportation of villain Miss Mass” onto Greek territory without notice.

Evelyn Epoch has pledged to donate $25,000 to the Guardians’ charity of choice, as a token of gratitude to the members/associates who helped rescue her. She has further pledged another $25,000 if the Guardians’ associates involved in the recent conflict with Doc Negation and the Universals agree to a joint press conference, discussing the need for superheroes to be proactive in the pursuit and apprehension of major villains. A romantic relationship with (ex?) villain Apollo has been confirmed. Rumors obtained from the criminal Grapevine internet forum suggest Intercrime may use any public appearance by Apollo as an opportunity for a retributive strike against the android for recent cooperation with the F.B.I. and Homeland Security in gathering information on Intercrime’s North American activities.


Unconfirmed reports from both civilians and law enforcement agents have reported a major uptick in sightings of  “supernatural” villains in North America and Europe. These villains have uniformly been of the “monstrous” variety-psychotic killers, worshippers of demons/evil deities, malevolent undead humanoids, and so on. Very unusually-and fortuitously-these creatures have so far avoided conflict, not attacking civilians or authorities.

Manslaughter has been spotted on two occasions, both in areas far removed from his usual rural killing grounds. While no pattern has been detected yet, these menaces seem to be “on the move”, perhaps ominously converging on some location.

C.H.E.S.S. psychic operatives have detected a noted uptick in dream disturbances, ripples in the Astral Plane, and general emotional unease among the populace, which would be consistent with a “dark” wizard/sorcerer or psychic exerting influence/control over wide areas, to attract and control weaker-willed supernatural beings.

The one exception to the pattern of these menaces not attacking police, superheroes, or bystanders has been the notorious Samhain, who has been involved in three incidents in as many months; each of these involved casualties and property damage, though thankfully the intervention of S.W.A.T. teams and local superheroes prevented deaths. Samhain was described by those who engaged him as “unusually agitated”.

C.H.E.S.S. recommends all major superheroes/super-teams be aware someone or some agency may be gathering a legion of monsters and mystically empowered villains, for a purpose as yet unknown. Readiness is advised.


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