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News Items – October 2012

  • When an earthquake strikes Japan and further threatens the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor, the team assembles to lend aid.  They are called off, however, when legendary Japanese hero Tamonten suddenly appears and rescues the robot Kintetsu and saves the plant!
  • Quiasar and Neutron view a DVD left by Jay Harris and deduce that Kubera was the Time Guardian who saved the team months earlier.  The team decides to have a statue made in their fallen teammate’s honor. When
  •  The drugs Mind and Body are acquired by more aggressive organizations.
  • New Babylon declares itself a sanctuary for any paranormals seeking refuge.
  • Scion and Neutron inform everyone that they have begun work on a large-scale project to build a construction facility on an asteroid in the solar system.  They plan to work with many nations, build an army of androids, and construct a massive starship for Earth’s protection.
  • Scion informs the team that a powerful mastermind, Doc Negation, is now active in the U.S. with his team, the Universals.